I’m unemployed, tired, and I own little stuff.

Just like my Master, I’m living the marginal life of a monk.

Are the birds anxious about what they gonna eat tomorrow?

Are the elks breaking a sweat right now because they have to find fresh grass for supper?

Why should I be anxious about my situation? The Lord is with me.

Isn’t it God?

You know that when I’m out there in the world; going about my day; earning money; and making jokes with unbelievers, my focus is not on you.

Master, I’m starting to know you quite well.

You are a very jealous God. Oh yes! Jealous, jealous.

And I’m not dumb.

I know you needed a way to keep me off work for a while; bored, isolated, and slightly depressed.

You brought Hashimoto thyroiditis in my life and transformed me into a human turtle for several weeks now.

I’m living on my savings and I have just enough energy to go to the grocery store and feed myself. That’s how energetic I am at the moment.

Why not creating a Christian blog, hey?

That was very ingenious of you.

I can’t say I’m mad though; I’m quite impressed.

Impressed about how you make sure we don’t miss the tiny door of Heaven.

Love you my Lord,

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