Dear God

Dear God,

I’m very happy I found you. Before I met you, my life was extremely stressful. I wanted to succeed too much. I thought there were two types of people on this planet: the winners and the losers.

In my head, the winners were those people who were beautiful, strong, talented, and who knew who they were – and where they were going; the losers were those people who were not attractive enough, not smart enough, and with no talent or ambition.

To be honest with you God, I thought beauty, talent, money, and social status were everything. I was looking at actors, singers and performers with much envy. They were attractive, they were adored by many, they were rich, and they were powerful.

What else to ask for?

But you came into my life to teach me something completely different. When I started reading the Bible, I discovered a whole new language:

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” – Matthew 20:16

How was that possible? At first, I thought it didn’t make any sense, but then, it hit me: you don’t think like us. You don’t see humanity the same way we see ourselves.

You are looking at us from a different perspective; from the perspective of the Creator of the Universe. You created us, and you know us – but we do not know you.

You came into my life to teach me that love is everything, and without love there would be nothing. The whole concept of existence and life is possible because of love. You are love, and you are life. If I want to keep my life, I need to love you, and follow you.

Humanity is dying : one after the other, Kings, Queens, Presidents, singers, mothers, fathers are getting old or sick, or an accident happen, and they disappear from the face of planet Earth.

This is the only equity for us: we all die.

Nobody is smart enough, or good enough to be immortal on this planet. There is one true person who deserved to live forever and that person is our God, whom was nailed on a cross 2000 years ago.

Jesus, you came into human form to teach us about the only true love that exist: divine love. A love which forgives, and dies to save the life of others; a love which also makes sure gravity exist to keep us glued to the face of planet Earth.

How blessed are we to experience life on Earth, and get to know you?

You are the Creator, and your are the creation.

Who else do we need?


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